The Show
We tailor all entertainment that we provide to the needs of the individual event.
In the field of children's entertainment we have been there, done that, got the t-shirt!
Punch and Judy
All over the land our show has been seen
Here is a list of the places we’ve been.
On fields, in parks and even in woods
Working men's clubs and mucky pubs.
Inside and outside
And of course at the seaside.
At feasts, fairs, and fetes
At markets, town centres and country estates.
We’ve partied in a house, a hall, a hotel
Believe it or not, in a toilet as well
We’ve been to one of the mayor’s charity balls
And done thousands of shows in village halls
In gardens and garages
For christenings and marriages
We do schools we do birthdays.
All week even Sundays
For years and years we have been doing our show
If you would like to see it please let us know
Big or small we do it all!
If you want a laugh just give us a call
We have performed to crowds of 1000's down to one lonely child in the rain at Great Aycliffe Show.
Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy Saltburn
Punch and Judy
Thomas the Tank Engine day at Wensleydale Railway
Saltburn Beach
Aycliffe Parks
~ Llewellyn for Fun ~
We can perform inside or outside on grass, sand or hard standing any equipment we need we bring.
Big or Small we Do it all!
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