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*SAFETY FIRST* ask plenty of questions
Never book an entertainer just because of a flashy add in Yellow pages!
(If they have to advertise a lot they are not getting repeat bookings)
Ask friends or other parents if they can recommend anyone who they have personally seen.
Do not hesitate to ask the performer who he has worked for in the past.
Entertainers who have worked for schools/councils may have had CRB/DBS checks done.
Always ask for proof of public liability insurance.
Remember you are booking a personality not just a puppet man or magic show.
We will gladly give lists of satisfied customers.
Book early! Good entertainers will take a provisional booking till you sort out times/venue etc.
We will just pencil you in to hold your date so ring early, first come first served.
Babies and/or animals and parties do not mix.
Remember there will be lots of running about, screaming, crying, and shouting.
Also the children will be making a lot of noise too.
It all has to be taken into consideration.
The ideal age range for children at our parties is between 4 years and 11 years old.
The perfect age range for us is 5s to 9s. Older and younger children will still enjoy the show as long as we have a minimum number of 6 children within the ideal age range.
Unfortunately we are not able to entertain babies (not many can) especially with facepainting.
It is not recommended for under 3’s.
We always recommend hiring a hall or room for birthday parties. A party at home looks good on paper but the risk of damage just increases stress levels.
For full parties we need lots of empty space so the kids can just let their hair down and have good old fashioned fun, any church/village hall or pub back room will do.
Try not to book a show in the garden, from an entertainers point there are too many distractions.
Remember we live in Great Britain, experience says, it will rain and end in disaster.
Find a venue, bring food - lots of small tasty bits, (do not make a navies breakfast)
Bring Plenty of drinks and don’t forget to bring some for the kids.
Let us do the rest.

Arrange a baby sitter for after the party.
You can then go to the pub to calm down.
(We always do!)
for free party Invitations! just ask